January 31, 2006

Religous hatred bill watered down

No need for the unelected toffs and cronies this time. The commons appears to be evolving a backbone! The tired tyrant, blair, has been defeated over the Religious Hatred Bill. A good thing too, but only one blow for freedom when so many are needed. It will take decades to undo the damage that New Labour have done, if it is ever fully reversed.

This bill has not been withdrawn and so will still make it into law, but it is marginally less awful now than it could have been. Now you have to use words that are "threatening" rather than "critical", but saying that Islam will consider anything that is remotely critical to be of upmost threat so not really much comfort.

The Religious Hatred Bill was a bill designed specifically to plicate the Religion of Peace, so it could avoid people telling the truth about it. They claimed it was a response to Christianity still being theoretically protected by the now never used blasphemy laws. the real reason was the New Labour was worried about losing Muslim votes because of it's war in Iraq and so needed something to buy them off with. The blasphemy laws are completely redundant unused laws that would be struck sown where anybody to every try and use them. The obvious answer to gain equality, to anybody but New Labour, would have been to remove them from the statutes. But removing laws is not the New Labour Way, especially if it gives them a chance to burn some more of our freedoms.


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